January 2018

Air Conditioning Service Now Available

There are approximately 75% of vehicles that have air conditioning fitted as standard. Most drivers and passengers enjoy the benefit of air conditioning, not only to keep you cool in the summer months, but also to reduce moisture and aid visibility through more efficient de-misting during the winter months. However, maybe some drivers do not realise that a percent of gas is lost through normal usage so it is important to ensure the system is maintained and kept in good working order.

Most car manufacturers recommend your air conditioning is checked and recharged with the correct amount of gas and lubricant at least every two years. This is not part of a routine vehicle service and as your air conditioning system becomes less efficient, the engine may have to work harder, possibly leading to higher fuel consumption and potentially expensive air conditioning repairs.

Newhaven Car Services now offer the complete air conditioning service, which can include an anti-bacterial procedure to eradicate harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours, which can build up within the air conditioning system.

We are able to offer this service using the latest equipment available, with prices from £60 for a system check and re-gas and a further £14.40 for the anti-bacterial service. Alternatively, if you have your air conditioning re-gassed while having your vehicle serviced, we will carry out an anti-bacterial treatment free of charge.

To make a booking, call us on 01273 512205

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

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